27 February 2009

Seer in the Pool (first)

(continued from The Watergate)

Sarah and Nathan stepped inside the room, but didn’t go far in. The oddness of the room seemed to jar them back into remembering that they weren’t really supposed to be there.

The chamber was the same size as the rooms near the Watergate entrance but was quite unlike the rest of the underground building. Instead of red and gold wallpaper and gold brown tiling the room looked to be completely built out of hewn rock, dark grey rock. A short ledge circled the room almost like it was meant for sitting. The room was filled with a faint green light that came from the pool in the middle of the room. The light along with the sound of dripping water gave
the whole room an eerie setting.

The drips of water came from the stalactites on the ceiling and landed in the emerald pool. Nathan watched as each drip of water rippled through the pool. 

“What is it?” Sarah asked. 

“The edges of the rippled,” Nathan said only half paying attention, “it is almost like they are reflecting another room entirely.” 

“I don’t see it,” Sarah said as she inched closer to Nathan. 

“See,” Nathan said pointing. “That one had glints of red and yellow. There is no red and yellow in this room.” 

“I don’t see it,” Sarah repeated. “But I don’t see everything that you do.” Nathan watched another drip, then another. It almost seemed that a face was trying to appear, almost a face that Nathan knew. There was another drip. He concentrated harder trying to see the face’s features. Another drip. The face was clear. Rather the image that Nathan thought was a face was now clear. Nathan saw that the face was masked by a dark cloth. It covered all of the chin and nose just below his eyes. The eyes were wrapped with grey flames. He looked into the eyes so hard that he nearly didn’t hear the face as it spoke.

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