27 February 2009


Looking around and finding myself low on credit (an entirely different story that would probably take too long to type) I have decided to make some of my own credits. Well, not really credits, more of things to get done in place of credits. One of them was the geotagging which is now complete, another is converting my old projects from Paint Shop Pro (PSP) over to Adobe CS4 (CS4, i.e. Illustrator and Photoshop). Though I would still argue that in some ways PSP is superior over CS4, the later is the program the rest of the world uses. And, I will concede in many ways CS4 is far superior over PSP. What I have come most to realize is that I don't want to let PSP go. Despite the fact that CS4 lets me do more and work faster, without regard for the fact that CS4 files can be sent to almost anyone fore review, and certainly not caring that CS4 is cool enough to do new things with vectors that I never thought possible, I still have a urge to cling to the old, dying, and under equipped PSP. I guess it is just part of the learning experience (sigh).

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