18 January 2009

Waiting in the Woods (final)

“This must be it,” Sarah said.

“Why didn’t we see it before?” Nathan wondered aloud.

“We don’t usually come to this side,” Sarah observed. “Besides, it is hid so well I think we wouldn’t be able to see it from the trail.”

Nathan looked at the ominous gate. It was a lot bigger than he expected. But then, it was a flood gate and it had to withstand a lot of pressure.

“Now, how do we get in?” Nathan said as he looked at Sarah. She was smiling her really happy smile.

"It won't work," Nathan said

Sarah relied still smiling, "of course it will."

Nathan sighed. He knew it would. It was a bizarre and crazy enough that he knew it would work. He looked back from Sarah and into the woods. They were both smiling now. They didn't go far into the woods before stopping and turning.

"Is this far enough?" Nathan questioned.

"Yeah," Sarah answered. “Tell me again what Constance said about the Watergate.” Sarah remembered what he had told her but wanted to make sure he hadn’t left out any details.

Nathan repeated back the same story as before. When he was done they moved into a small cluster of trees that they could hide in better.

And there they waited. They waited for a long time.

Night fell and a cool breeze crept through the woods from Nathan and Sarah laid waiting. The moon was just a sliver in the sky, but it was a wide sliver. It hung over the woods like a grimacing smile, as if it knew what would come that night. Nathan started to get worried. He knew that they couldn't stay out much later, but they needed to get behind the gate. Nathan lay in the grass listening to the gentle sound of the crickets and the wind.

The two talked for a little while longer but eventually fell asleep leaning against the trees in the cluster they were hiding in. Nathan’s imagination ran through the many different possibilities that could present themselves on the other side of the gate. He got so worried he almost didn’t want to go through with it. He almost didn’t want to be there, almost, but not quite.

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