27 January 2009

How cold is -20?

Today started out at 5:00am and the temperature being -20, Fahrenheit. How cold is -20F? Let me tell you it is cold. It is so cold that you body ache in it. Your nose hairs freeze in an instant, and you had no idea you had so many of them. It is so cold that four layers doesn't feel like enough, but you can't add much more and still be bendable. It is so cold that ice layers have formed on top of the snow. It is so cold that your car barely starts, though it doesn't really want to. It is cold enough that frost, not fog, grows on the inside of your car windows. It is so cold that your camera only works for one picture before you need to put it in your jacket to warm up again. It is so cold that you wonder why you are even going out. How cold is -20F? Well, you really need to experience to know, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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