11 January 2009

A hint of deviancy

My first assignment in my Visual Media class was to use square shapes to describe six words that the teacher assigned. We were to make six mock ups for each word making a total of 36 mock ups. We were told to read the rules very carefully and I noticed that they were carefully written. I put my three best designs into Illustrator as instructed.

While it was implied that we could only use squares I carefully read and reread the instructions and realized that all the rules applied only to squares, including being limited to only four squares. I decided that I should push the limits of the design and make the designs more meaningful.

I realize that this is being slightly deviant, but the directions were clear and designing is about pushing the requirements. Besides I think that the designs are so much better with a little bit of line art.

(Post Script: the teacher has since heavily revised the rules to forbid any additional lines. I feel proud to have helped improve the syllabus.)

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