31 December 2008

Watergate (final)

Sarah led down the hallway to the right. They walked for a bit before the hallway split again, this time one banked sharply to the left and the other led straight again. They took the left. This led them back to the entrance. They headed back to the left and saw that it split as well, one way straight and the other to the right where they had come from.

“Let’s go back down that other hallway,” Nathan said.

“Okay,” Sarah replied.

There didn’t seem to be a reason to whisper, they hadn’t seen anyone since getting through the gate. They looped around the hallway and to the left. They passed another door. This one was obviously special. It seemed to be made out of the same iron that the gate was made out of but had more elaborate ironwork on it. It looked a great deal like a back vault door, just without the combination lock. The continued past the door though. The room at the end of the hallway was giving a very faint green light that made the two very curios.

The room was blocked by a grate almost like prison bars. The walls and ceiling looked like plain rock, as was the floor. Sarah started looking for a latch to lift the door. Nathan started to laugh quietly.

“I suppose you know how to open the door,” Sarah said a little irritated.

Nathan smiled as has grabbed the gate gave it a gentle lift. It continued to lift until it was clear out of the way. He walked in with Sarah following closely behind.

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