26 December 2008

A Splendid Christmas day

My Christmas was amazing (even if you don't believe in Santa Claus). It started when I was still asleep. I was dreaming about Nathan, the character from the Watergate. He was having a new adventure. It made writing the tale once I woke up so much easier. It was more like I was dreaming that I was writing.

After writing some my brother came by with flowers for Grandma, who's house I am currently staying at, then we headed over to Mom and Dad's house. Mom was feeling creative, and I think a little lazy, and didn't wrap any presents. Instead we hid each others present throughout the house and then had to go find them. It was fun.

I also had time to move some of my old drawing into Illustrator. It isn't hard, it just takes time to retrace all the shapes. But I remind myself that Illustrator is the standard so it will work with almost anything, and it is the newest version so it can do cooler things that the old program can do.

The evening ended playing games at a family friend's house. All in all, Christmas was amazing!

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