16 December 2008

Cosmic Hazard Light Powers

Driving home from Idaho this weekend we were met with crazy levels of snow. I have since come to realize several things about Oregonians and the snow.
  1. Most Oregonians don't know how to drive in the snow and are therefore apt to kill someone or be killed. It is ridiculous how bad some people are in the snow.
  2. Chains and snow tires aren't really that helpful unless you are traveling through mountain passes.
  3. I leave Idaho expecting better weather in Oregon than I left behind.
  4. If you turn on your hazard lights you receive special cosmic powers that help you navigate the snow.

The fourth was particularly funny to me. As we were going through the mountain passes we hit a point right before Dead Man's Pass where we were stopped. Marlene and I decided it was a good place to build a snow man (picture forth coming) and put on chains. I laughed to see several drivers sitting with their hazards lights on. I looked around and thought "is it not obvious that we are all stopped and moving anywhere?" I determined as people started to drive with their hazard lights on that they must receive some sort of special cosmic powers from the pulsing orange lights.

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