14 November 2008

How do you go back - to break your own rules?

I have a design rule that is rather simple. It goes like this:
"Once I release a work, I can't go back to it. I must move on. (Okay, you can fix that minor flaw, but one minute tops.)"
It is not that I don't want to go back, I do. I want to go back so bad. But I realized long ago that I can't keep going back and move forward at the same time. George Lucas once said:
"Movie are never finished, only abandoned." And something to the effect that at some point the producer runs out on money and has to release the movie to make money.
But recently I faced a great dilemma. DAES' changed the religious study card from 3x5 inches to 2.6x5 inches. This small change lets us fit an extra card per print, reduces the cuts from 16 to 12 per sheet and provides beter alignment of the images (less edge cutage). I hate inconsistency for improvements so I started going back to change the older cards to the newer format. I did take liberty to rework a couple of cards that I think were suffering deep down inside with design issues.

Armour of God
The first is the "Armour of God". The front of the card is the same, and the text on the back is the same. With a little reformatting though it is now much easier to read:
New version
Old version

Glory of the Defense of ZionNext was the dreaded "Glory of the Defense of Zion". This is a card that I haven't been very proud of. In fact, I think have given out maybe five of these cards (the initial run). The new card has been redesigned to capture the sense of life's journey. It features two column of text, instead of one really wide paragraph, with more graphics.
New version
Original version

It is now a card that I feel good about distributing.

So sometimes it is okay, or even good, to go back and revisit released works. I just need to make sure that I don't spend so much time perfecting them that I don't push forward with new designs and projects.

10 November 2008

Why I don't wear pink

I will not eat green eggs and ham.
I will not eat them in a house.
I will not eat them with a mouse.
I will not eat them in a box.
I will not eat them with a fox.
I will not eat them Sam I Am.

I will not wear a pink shirt.
I will not wear it in a house.
I will not wear it with a mouse.
I will not wear it in a box.
I will not wear it with a fox.
I will not wear it Crystal Johnson.

Okay, but I will wear a pink shirt with a green ham on it.

01 November 2008

Caves on the Moon

This last weekend Kevin and I went to the Craters of the Moon National Monument to explore the caves. After two rejections and a realization that we should tell our roommates where we were in case we didn't come back (we left the third cave to text them) we finally were able to go far into a cave. It was really cool, literally, in the caves. There was ice at the base of the cave walls.

On the way out I noticed a spider web and thought "this is a weird place for a spider web". Weirder yet was that there are a dead bat in the spider's web. It was hanging from a rock near the cave floor so I think the spider bit it while it was asleep. I think it made it worthwhile.

Revelations concerning Excel

So I was working late last night getting payroll ready for the latest round. While I was working of the Excel spread a new way of doing the same things struck me. The changes go from:

=IF(ISERROR(INDEX('Master Driver Log'!$C$6:$C$93,MATCH($B8&$A$5,'Master Driver Log'!$A$6:$A$93&'Master Driver Log'!$B$6:$B$93,0)))," ",INDEX('Master Driver Log'!$C$6:$C$93,MATCH(B8&$A$5,'Master Driver Log'!$A$6:$A$93&'Master Driver Log'!$B$6:$B$93,0)))

repeated 16 times to:

=DSUM('Master Driver Log'!$A$4:$L$107,B$9,$L10:$N11)

done once. The new way is definetly much better than the old way. I am glad that the Lord helps me with Excel. The change in code not only makes the formulas easier to follow and troubleshoot but also reduce the total file size by 15%. Okay it is really only 100kb but the changes also make the file process faster.