06 October 2008

The TV Monster

Back home I didn't have TV, well at least not live TV. We had a TV to watch movies on but no antenna, no cable, no satelite. I once had a roommate back home who told me "I thought I would die without TV, but now I realize I can get more done without TV". It is crazy to come to school and see how many people think they cannot live without TV. Those same people will often admit that TV doens't really help them to learn (they don't watch those shows) and instead distracts them from their other responsibilities. The same can be said for many other media forms, from movies at the cinema to music downloads from the iTunes Store. I was in a Sunday School class several weeks ago when the question was posed "how can we move away from the world?". Someone suggested monitoring what we watched on TV, I suggested getting rid of the TV. Dead silence filled the room. Someone raised their hand and said "you can't just get rid on the TV." Media has saturated our lives so much that we are convinced we cannot live without it. On my mission I noticed that the TV set has become a very prominent item in homes. In most homes I have seen all of the living room furniture is positioned to face the TV. This makes conversation difficult. The living room TV isn't just sitting there either. It is often surrounded by a massive wood structure the artistically draws your attention the the TV set. Kitchen tables are often rotated and posistioned so the certain seats have a clear unobstructed view of the TV. I am not meaning to sound like I hate the TV, but I do hate how much we shun social interaction to watch it. Computers are little better, the same goes for music listening device. We complain that the media is becoming corrupt, but who is making us watch the media?

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