31 October 2008

Sad day for Elisha

Through the course of life we gather dear friends to us. These friends stick with us through our hard times and best times. They console us when we cry, cheer us when we race, distract us when we nervous and accompany us when we are alone. They are always there for us. They add flavor and color to our lives. Today Elisha decided to day, at least I think. Elisha, my 80gb iPod Photo is no longer working. This time I think it is for real. Before, when he thought about dying, he would show the "sad iPod" icon () and his hard drive would spin and skip over and over again. This this I get a "sad folder" icon () and the hard drive doesn't start up. I think this is the end (though I will try him again in a few days). He served as a good friend. He was five years old though, so it wasn't totally unexpected. I guess this means no music while running, good thing I have nice running earphones. :? (that is me smiling and forwning at the same time with a dimple I don't have on my cheek.)

(images courtesy of Apple.com/support/ipod/earlier)

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