22 September 2008

School, In the Beginning…

Hey! I'm at school! My roommate is a good guy. When I showed up at the apartment I had a choice to make. I could pick the room on the left or the room on the right. I choose the right and later found out that was the better choice to make. My roommate is a quiet guy who keeps his stuff picked up and can sleep through almost anything. My other choice would have given me a roommate whose stuff seems to be spreading every day, not only across his room but into the rest of the apartment. The messy one seems most concerned with my social life and thinks that I don't get out much. This always makes me laugh because he spends tons of time in front of the TV (often alone because few can survive his playing NASCAR with the remote, I'll explain later). The other day I had an epiphany [spell check is amazing]. I had just got back from an unusually long day on campus; I dropped my backpack in my room and started to check email. Moments later he walks in and gives me a big slap on the back and says "you're in front of your computer again?" It was then that I realized that as busy as I am he is usually gone when I am gone so he never sees that I am gone. As I thought about explaining this to him I stopped myself thinking "why would I ever need to justify myself to a freshman who obnoxiously [spelled it right the first time!] bugs me about my social life?" So I made a snide comment about actually working at my computer in addition to schooling. I don't he got it though, which is probably good because it might have hurt his feelings as he doesn't have a job. Anyway, of the other three roommates, there are six of us in total, two are freshman the other a sophomore. The sophomore is 'off track' right now so he is just working and will resume school in the winter semester. Here we have tracks, two out of the three semesters in which you are allowed and expected to be at school. The 'off track' semester you can still live in approved housing as long as you intend to go back to school. It lets the school have a more predictable student load and control which major are on campus when.

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