27 September 2008

Ear phones

My old earphones were really good. I love them. They have the most amazing sound. The down side is that don't stay in my ears when I am running. They keep popping out, or at least the one of the left. I once complained about this to my mom who suggested that I buy another pair of earphones that was better suited to running. I knew that this was a good solution but resisted because I couldn't justify another set of earphones, not that they cost that much but it is the principle of the matter. I mean, you don't go out and buy a second car just because your current car doesn't let you go off-roading very well. It is the same isn't it. Okay, so there is really no comparison and it doesn't really make sense to resist. I guess my reasoning doesn't always make good logic. I finally got a new pair of earphones though. I love them! They seem like they will fit well, we will see next week.

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