12 April 2007

Herman dies!

For several months now Herman has been struggling. He started life as a young sprout who amazing growth. I got him from a guy at work and we kept him in the office for weeks. Then he grew too large for the mug he was planted in. I took him to the Canary Compound to transplant him. The transplant was swift and into a really cool glass pot. Herman didn’t like his new home though. I don’t know if it was the change of the sun, or the transplant itself, but Herman didn’t do well after the transplant. After much experimenting I determined that Herman really liked full sun so I frequently left him out in the front lawn so he could bask in the glorious sun. On Sunday I left him out in the sun and checked on him in the afternoon. I was horrified to find that Herman’s glass pot had been shattered. I rushed him inside and did what I could to protect him. But by the next morning Herman was wilted, brown, and dead. So, this is my farewell to Herman the plant. We will miss you.