01 November 2006

Dad, the toilet won’t flush!

What does it mean what you push the lever to flush the toilet, and nothing happen? This was my question after scrubbing the toilet clean and trying to flush the soap out. Obviously that means that the chain that connects the flap to the bar which is connected to the lever is no longer working properly (also known as “broken”). When I was a kid one simply fixed this be reconnecting the steal chain that had fallen from the bar that is connected to the lever back to the bar (that is connected to the lever) thereby causing it to work. But apparently in our modern era we have outgrown such things as steal chains, and now we use the sophisticated foam “chains” that are permanently welded the flap. The up side to all this is that whenever (not “if ever”) the foam “chain” breaks and no longer connects to the bar which is attached to the lever one simply goes out and buys a new flap (with the “chain” permanently welded to it) and replaces the whole contraption. This means that one is always operating with a relatively new foam flap which holds water better than an old foam flap (even though the rubber ones that were around when I was a kid seemed to last forever) thus saving you money on water. Sometimes I wonder what we have really gained by forgoing all our expensive, long lasting, stuff of old and using cheap, not so long lasting, stuff of today. I may never know, as so much of it seems to be but a memory of my childhood.