06 October 2006

Canary Waterworks

Recently we have been having tons on rain. It came in droves, or rather buckets, from the sky. The other night I went to bed with the sound of a waterfall and thought it quite pleasant. I woke the next morning and realized that the sound of a waterfall near my house was not a good thing. I opened my bedroom blinds and saw a sheet of water flowing before my window. Instantly I knew something was wrong. I bundled up and went outside. There was a remarkable amount of water flowing off my roof for the amount of water coming down from the sky. I looked at the gutters and realized that I must have a clogged pipe. In a bold moment I decided I had to clean the gutter before going to work, so I would get my ladder and…oh. I don’t have a ladder. I thought hard, and the closest thing I could come up with would to climb on top a chair and hope to clear the block. Another idea came too. I have saved my lawn mower box all summer (I don’t know why, but maybe for this). I took the box outside and set it between the waterfall and the pipe. I then hauled my office chair outside and placed it in the box. It fit so perfectly that the chair didn’t swivel at all. One more trip inside to retrieve a wire with which I fished in the pipe. Suddenly there was a sound of a rush of water, and the waterfall was gone. But that only eliminated one of my three water features. There is an artificial stream in my backyard (I think the pipe drain into it) that runs through the whole compound out to a storm drain. I actually rather enjoy it as it adds a level of sophistication to my yard. Fluff also really enjoys it as there are lots of shrubs to hide in and bugs to eat. The third feature in the Canary lake. Canary lake explains why my front yard is about a foot higher than the street and my driveway. Apparently (as I now know) the parking areas in front of my house also serve as the gathering point of any excess water that has landed on my or my neighbor’s driveway. Well when water comes down in buckets this area overflows and fills the street and even part of my driveway. Thus in a storm the Canary compound features Canary Lake, the Canary Creek, and sometimes even Canary Falls. I will also mention that Fluff is often confused by this vast amount of water and thinks he wants to play in it, until he realizes that it is water, then he wants to come back inside, only to want to go back out.

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